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INMO Releases AR Glasses and Smart Ring

On October 28,2022, Shenzhen-based consumer-grade wireless AR glasses manufacturer INMO released its second generation AR glasses INMO Air2, a smart ring INMO Ring.

Compared with the first generation, the frame volume of the INMO Air2 has been reduced by nearly 30%, and the thickness of the temple has been reduced to 6 mm.The glasses have also been upgraded to a binocular full-color array optical waveguide display, which greatly improves display effects. In addition, it adds the function of switching single and binocular modes according to external situations.

The INMO Ring is specially tailored for the Air2. Just like a remote control, it can easily support watching videos, scanning documents and quickly switching among different applications. The price of the INMO Air2 is about $550 including the smart ring, which will be pre-sold in November.

With AR glasses and smart ring, users are able to use the remote control like a remote control, with only their fingers, they can easily achieve the senseless operation of swiping videos, swiping documents, quickly switching applications and so on. According to INMO, this Bluetooth smart ring is equipped with a 9-axis posture sensor, with the ability of 3dof (a 3D feeling) can bring the real space interaction experience in real space.

IMOS 2.0 system was also released, which helps INMO Air2 last for up to 10 days on standby mode and play video continuously for up to 2.5 hours. The INMO Air2 has been greatly upgraded from chip to battery and has strengthened smart control through voice and the newly-released intelligent ring, bringing a smoother experience for functions such as recording and navigation.

The INMO Air2 focuses on more practical functions such as audio and video, office work and outdoor application. The smart glasses support AR meetings, quick processing of documents, replying to emails for office workers and navigation, translation, and increased camera functionality for outdoor enthusiasts.

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