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Labpano released Versatile 360° AI Camera 「PilotPano」

Labpano was founded in 2012 in Shenzhen, China . It's a enterprise focusing on the core algorithm technology development of panoramic image and stereo vision imaging. It is one of the earliest teams to devote itself to the R&D of embedded panoramic plus 3D stereo vision algorithms in China. Labpano also continues to innovate technology and create quality solutions in the field of digital twin and XR cameras .

On November 10, 2022, Labpano released the PilotPano, the first consumer-grade Versatile 360° AI Camera, priced at about $460.

PilotPano is equipped with 3.1-inch high-definition touch screen, Android operating system and high-definition touch screen tacitly cooperate, the operation logic is no different from smart phones, you can easily adjust the camera parameters, monitor the shooting screen.

It is equipped with two Sony 1/2.3" high quality sensors and two 210° F2.0 large aperture fisheye lens, combined with AI computing photography algorithm, PilotPano can shoot 5.7K HD panoramic images.

PilotPano has real-time stabilization.Empowered by a 9-axis gyroscope and intelligent shake compensation algorithm that achieves real-time correction and automatic compensation of video footage, PilotPano captures silky-smooth footage .

PilotPano captures more than a panoramic view. You can swiftly switch between a panoramic camera and a traditional camera. Breeze through 90°, 120°, 135° and 150° videos .

With the smart editing app,Pilot Go App.Users can master AI editing, AI auto-tracking, reframing, beautifying and filtering, etc. Create stories easily and share them on social media in a snap.

PilotPano has real-time AI auto-tracking function.Frame the subject and accurately keeps it in focus when you are about to start Live streaming. Always stay tracked despite demanding shooting environments.

PilotPano's integrated high-precision GPS module supports the world's mainstream satellite navigation systems, allowing for high-precision positioning. There are two shooting modes available: street view video and interval photo. It generates premium 5.7K images up to a speed of 7fps and allows you to directly upload from the camera.

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