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Pudu's cleaning robot: C1

Since the covid19 epidemic, "contactless" has become a rigid demand in the society, which has also caused the undercurrent of the commercial service robot market. In addition to "contactless delivery" and "contactless cleaning", manual labor with high repetitiveness and high intensity naturally has the need for machine assistance and substitution. Commercial service robots continue to advance and gradually penetrate into all aspects of production and life. The population over 65 in China will rise from 9% in 2015 to 15% in 2025. With the advent of an aging society, the transformation of the population structure has become a powerful driving force for the development of the service robot industry. With multiple factors superimposed, the service robot market has ushered in a period of rapid development, and various robot companies have continued to introduce new ones and quickly occupy the market.

Compared with scenes such as distribution, cleaning services are a typical simple and repetitive labor, which is very suitable for automation and intelligent upgrading and transformation. With the deepening of the aging population, the labor-intensive cleaning service industry has fallen into the dilemma of “difficult recruitment and high turnover”. According to data, in the fourth quarter of 2020, China’s ranking of labor shortages, cleaners ranked In the second place. On November 18th, Pudu Robotics held the 2021 new product launch conference in Shenzhen, and officially released the cleaning robot “C1”.

About Pudu Robotics

Shenzhen-based and founded in 2016, Pudu Robotics is a tech-focused enterprise dedicated to the design, R&D, production and sales of commercial service robots. Pudu Robotics previously mainly used delivery robotis for developers. Its main products are food delivery robots, delivery robots, and welcome robots, and it has been put into use in many continuous restaurants in China. The C1 robot is Pudu Robotics's first entry into the field of cleaning robots.

About C1 robot

The C1 robot launched this time is Pudu Robotics In order to explore the product line of commercial service robots in the cleaning industry and multiple cleaning application scenarios, a commercial cleaning robot can realize multiple functions such as washing, sweeping, pushing and sucking, automatic water filling and sewage discharge, autonomous riding, automatic gate passing, and cross-floor operations. At the same time, the C1 robot can also complete difficult actions such as 70cm wide narrow lane cleaning, 8° climbing and 4cm ground gap crossing. In addition, the liftable structure of roller brush, water squeegee and dust pusher endows C1 robot which can adapt to the cleaning ability of different hardness and different material floors including hard floors and short-haired carpets, fully satisfying the floor cleaning of different scenes need. Purdue Technology hopes to use the power of technology to help the cleaning industry achieve digital cleaning. It is worth mentioning that the C1 robot achieves comprehensive perception through task monitoring, operation and maintenance reporting, and obtains digital cleaning reports. In addition, the C1 robot can also be connected to IoT devices such as elevators, turnstiles, access control and communications, and upper-layer software to achieve full interconnection, break clean barriers, and fully promote standardization, digitization, and intelligent cleaning, forming an important part of smart building management.

In appearance, the C1 robot combines the minimalist shape with the sense of speed brought by the side slash, which fits the low-key and practical visual experience. The rich shell matching can be adapted to different scenarios, and intuitively enhance the overall clean image and perception of cleanliness. The 10.1-inch touch screen that comes with the C1 robot supports customizing the height and angle of the operation panel, giving users a comfortable experience.

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