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TMiRobot Intelligent disinfection Robot

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Established in 2015, Taimi Robotics Technology Co.Ltd. is a high-tech company located in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park. The intelligent disinfection robot TMiRobot is one of the flagship products and has been used in more than 400 hospitals in China.

The TMiRobot disinfection robot series is designed specifically for application in hospital and clinical environment for disinfecting environmental air and subject surface, via automatic robot with ultra-violet (UVC) light, hydrogen peroxide and filtering. The next generation is undergo R&D for general office disinfection.

The robot serves as a carrier to integrate three disinfection modes: ultraviolet rays, ultra-dry mist hydrogen peroxide, and plasma air filtration to meet the high-level disinfection requirements, killing endospores at the rate as high as 99.9999%. It applies the autonomous navigation technology and is autonomously mobile. Intelligent operation interface, simple and easy to operate.

Product Highlight

Autonomous Movement: A floor plan map can be import into the robot or via autonomous discovery mode. For daily disinfection tasks, you can set the disinfection mode, time, and location through the operating system background. After TMiRobot receives the task, it will independently plan a path to reach the task location, perform disinfection work according to the mode, and return to the charging point to charge automatically after completing the work.

Highly Efficient: The robot can maximizing the cleaning efficiency by exploring the map and minimize disinfection time Multiple Disinfection: Ultra-Violet C (UVC), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and other disinfection media, with 0.3um air filtering (HEPA)

Precise: 360 disinfection spray head


Negative Pressure Isolation Wards,ICU,Surgery Rooms,PIVAS, Laboratories(virus,bacterial), Pathology Departments ,supply rooms etc.

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