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Recently, Shenzhen EEG SMART Technology Co., Ltd. launched China’s first UMindSleep portable EEG sleep monitoring management program based on independent research and development patents in the bioelectric application field and AI core algorithm technology. It has passed the China National Medical Products Administration ( NMPA) medical device registration certification, which can be directly used in clinical departments of various medical institutions. UMindSleep can collect high-precision EEG, blood oxygen, pulse rate, body position, body movement and many other vital signs parameters, and automatically complete data collection, upload, and analysis feedback. UMindSleep is the first approved wearable sleep monitor in China. The related data parameters and analysis results of sleep staging can be directly used as a reference basis for disease analysis of patients with sleep disorders, and play an auxiliary function for doctors' diagnosis.

There are two common sleep monitoring methods on the market now

1. Traditional polysomnograph PSG (medical grade single precision test)

The monitoring principle is to pass the EEG sleep stage analysis, which is the most accurate

monitoring method nowadays. But there are also shortcomings. You need to sleep in the special sleep

monitoring room of the hospital all night, which requires high equipment.

2. Tracking and monitoring equipment such as smart bracelets (non-medical grade)

The advantage is that it is more convenient and can be monitored at home. The disadvantage of this

type of product is that because the monitoring principle is to estimate sleep quality through human

micro-motions, some products can monitor pulse rate, respiration rate, and evaluate sleep quality

through the correlation between leg soreness and sleep, but it is not precise enough.

Advantage positioning of UMindSleep


Grasp your sleep patterns and quality accurately at home, instead of going to the hospital. The same principle as the clinically professional sleep monitoring PSG, in line with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM ) designated standards: EEG sleep staging is the only gold standard for sleep.


Easy monitoring even on night trains. With a weight of 15g, lighter than a normal eye mask, it will be neglected after a while; Small as a single spectacle lens, fits in a pocket. Easy to use, gently place it to the forehead, connect in the App, and view the sleep report after waking up on the next day.


Instant reports generation, intelligent "lull to sleep" and healthy wake up services; Automatic sleep staging and sleep reports generates instantly, reports-viewing available right after of recording ends; Intelligent “lull to sleep” and healthy wake-up: comforting hypnotic music is automatically turned on when going to bed, and turned off after falling asleep; in the next morning, gentle wake-up service is provided on the “right” time for a refresh morning.

In the medical market, UMindSleep can realize in-hospital sleep network monitoring and multi-ward/multi-ward sleep monitoring and management. With the integrated computer equipment, hundreds of people in the hospital can perform sleep monitoring at the same time, and the overall staging accuracy rate reaches the average of expert manual staging, which is above 97.67% of the level. It can provide department doctors with comprehensive sleep monitoring AI analysis reports and clinical auxiliary diagnosis reference opinions.

In the home market, UMindSleep can generate sleep health assessment reports to assess the overall sleep quality of sub-healthy groups, including sleep duration, sleep onset latency, number and time of awakening, sleep efficiency, sleep maintenance rate, sleep ratio of each period and other parameters, for sleep obstacles are screened for early warning.

With the gradual improvement of public health awareness, sleep quality has become a hot word in recent years, especially young people’s attention to sleep continues to increase. It is understood that 450 million people in China have sleep problems of varying degrees every year, and less than 2% of them go to the hospital for treatment. The accurate detection rate is extremely low, and the vast majority of users are still in the stage of blindly choosing solutions. UMindSleep equipment has completed 8 generations of changes, no matter its appearance, size, technology have been adjusted, and is committed to providing the public with accurate, intelligent and convenient sleep monitoring services.

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