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Visitor Counting System



  Data Indexing's VCS is a system of visitor counting, statistics and analysis, which is based on the intelligent video analysis technology. It adopts the originally developed computer visual algorithm as well as the available mature information technology & resource to realize the real time two-way counting with high accuracy. Moreover, the system has the functions of statistics, analysis and reports for the visitor counting data, which can meet the demands of all sorts of clients.

  The VCS is Data Indexing's high-tech product with independent intellectual property rights, and is also an achievement of product R&D made by Data Indexing in the field of video image analysis and intelligent video surveillance for years. Our client's using experience verified that the counting accuracy of this system has reached the international top level by surpassing other similar products both in China and abroad.

  The VCS can not only provide the clients with accurate statistics of visitor counting, but also gather the data for comprehensive analysis, and dig out the information implied in those data. Thus, it can assist clients in operation management and the decision-making for marketing operation.

System Operation Flowchart


  • High-accuracy Counting

    • Accuracy: 98%

    • Two-way visitor counting in real time

    • Adaptive to various field environments

    Specifications of Module


  • Data Statistics & Analysis

    • Provide the query of analysis reports according to different entrances/exits and sites;

    • Sound and diversified realtime retrieval & query function; the data can be shown in real time;

    • Bulletin board: display the realtime visitor counting on big screen;

    • Function of report display, download, printing and the reports can be output according to different time buckets (day, week, month, quarter, year, etc.);

    • Function of comparing the visitor counting data according to different sites and time buckets;

    • Statistics for the current stranded visitors in each area and the average retention time;

    • The good-looking and easy-to-use web interface allows users to remote login.


  • Public Security Warning/ System Abnormality Diagnosis

    • Monitor the visitor counting in real time, and give the warning when the number of visitors exceeds the limitation;

    • Timely discover the detection node where the system malfunctions, and notify the administrator automatically; Timely discover the data loss owing to network troubles, and re-send the data automatically when the network recovers.



  • Application in Business Places

    • Make the evidence for rent discussion and business invitation more precise

    • Grasp the relation between customer visits and turnover, evaluate the budget and effect of ads promotion in a more scientific way

    • Properly arrange the time for onsite activities according to the visitor counting data

    • Make it more efficient in personnel arrangement and operation cost management


  • Application in Public Places

    • Obtain the visitor counting statistic data in real time

    • Be able to control the flow of visitors and avoid crowding

    • Optimize the location of entrances/exits and the allocation of security personnel

    • Assist to prevent and cope with emergencies

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