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Anti-tailing AB-Door



  Data Indexing successfully developed the high-performance and high-accuracy AB-Door anti-tailing detector by adopting the advanced intelligent video analysis algorithm. This product's high quality and high security are achieved by the combination with the advanced finger vein authentication and AB-Door control technology, which is able to meet the demands of all sorts of customers.


  When getting applied, the AB-Door product should be deployed at important passages. It will conduct anti-tailing detection in the region between two doors (door A and door B). When the system discovers two or more people entering the region, it will give the alarm and inform the AB-Door control system to take corresponding actions. This can prevent the unauthorized entries/exits by following the authorized persons, and make sure that only one person can pass the doors for each time. So, the product is especially suitable for the anti-tailing application in important passages of the places which demand high security.

  Anti-tailing AB-Door is one kind of high-tech product among the high-security entrance guard systems, which is widely demanded in the high-end application fields of finance (banks, etc.), security (prisons, etc.), official business and so on. Its application prospect is unlimited broad.


  High Performance
    The accuracy of anti-tailing detection reaches 98% above, and the time for judgment ≤ 2 seconds.

  Strong Adaptability
    The anti-tailing detection won't be affected by the factors of background, clothing, hair, wearing of hat, luggage taking, etc.

  High Security
    Adopt the advanced finger vein authentication technology, and the identity recognition false rate is less than 0.0001%.

  Convenient Operation
    Support remote/local login and operation

  Easy Installation
    The integrated product and device as well as the easy installation help to reduce the deployment cost of customers.


  Allow manual settings for the tailing detection region and parameters

  Synchronous open in emergency
   When accidents suddenly occur, for example the fire, the system can implement the function of synchronous open in emergency which is to open the two doors (door A and door B) simultaneously and form an opening passage to facilitate the fire fighting.

  Centralized control
    Allow remote/local login and conduct the system control operations including system reboot, locking/unlocking of the doors, revision for the system configuration parameters, alarm settings, etc.

  Video surveillance and storage
    After logging in the system, users can monitor and record the on-site video in real time and then playback the video.


When a person enters door A through identity authentication and gets into the region monitored by AB-Door anti-tailing detector, the system won't open door B and will trigger the alarm device when detecting out the passing of more than one person. Only when the system detects that only one person is passing and he/she has closed door A, it then opens door B.

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