R&D Outsourcing


Comprehensive Outsourcing
  The outsourcing supplied by DI is rather than a simple software R&D outsourcing service. From the emergence of an idea to the completion of the product, DI provides full-equipped R&D services, including:

1. Market Analysis & Consulting
The marketing department of DI will frequently communicate with customers, turning their rough ideas into concrete requirements, getting familiar with their culture so that all demands can be absolutely understood. Meanwhile, the technical department will provide the latest technical consulting for customers. DI ensures the highly efficient communication with customers by taking advantage of the phone/video conference system.

2. Technical Analysis & Consulting
The R&D department of DI and its partner research institute will firstly make analysis to the technical involved in the requirements by the customer, and then work out an appropriate technology R&D program.


3. Technical Research
The R&D department of DI makes different project implementation plans according to different situations and takes the responsibility to carry them out. Other research institutes of close partnership will do the collaborating work in diversified ways, so that the research goal can be guaranteed to get a perfect fulfillment.


4. R&D Implementation
When making technical research cooperation with the research institute, the R&D department of DI will provide the institute with well-appointed technical developing resources, so that the technology will be transformed to be an achievement from the primary stage.


5. Test Handover
DI always puts quality in the first place. All developing phases of the product bear rigorous test procedures.


6. After Delivery Service
DI makes systematical analysis and tracking treatment to any requirement and request raised by customers, so the customers could entirely comprehend the results of the R&D outsourcing. The all-around services let customers make flexible choice of technology as well as the outsourcing cooperation mode.


Familiarity with the Culture of Customers & Institutes
Language difference is the biggest barrier in international cooperation. There are many veteran staffs of DI in a lot of countries, which can not only eliminate the problem of language difference, but also ensure that customers’ culture be attached to the products in a correct way. Each of the research institutes has its own distinguishing feature, even its own culture. DI constantly makes intensive investigation into many countries’ research institutes and communicates with them, grasping their pulse and culture all the time, and finally making them become the real R&D component of DI.

Well-appointed Management System
DI carries out management in the process of R&D, with the video conferencing system to be the basis of convenient and efficient communication. Trac, the project management system, tracks the management of project implementation, and it allows different levels of information to be managed by customers, marketers, and R&D personnel.

Secure IPR Protection Program
Intellectual Property Right (IPR) is a sensitive part in technical outsourcing but is also easy to be neglected. DI implements the strict IPR protection program to guarantee customers’ IPR to be secure, and abides by the firm confidentiality policy in each IPR related part. In the outsourcing progress, DI will sign the IPR agreement with customers; In the implementation of the outsourcing project, DI will sign the confidentiality agreement with staffs; In the collaboration with research institutes, DI will sign the stringent cooperative confidentiality agreement and IPR agreement with the institutes.

Rich Experience
DI has been successfully keeping the cooperative relationship with large-scale corporations and research institutes for years, accomplishing plenty of advanced research outputs, and received the unanimous appreciation from our customers. So we possess rich experience in aspects of multi-cooperative R&D, project management, and the industrialization of research achievements.

Specialized Fields