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R&D Outsourcing Service Procedure

  At Data Indexing, we offer comprehensive R&D outsourcing services that go beyond simple software development. Our services cover the entire product development cycle, from idea generation to product completion. Our R&D services include:

  1. Market Analysis & Consulting - Our marketing department works closely with clients to understand their requirements and culture, while our technical department provides the latest technical consulting services. We ensure highly efficient communication through phone and video conferencing systems.

  2. Technical Analysis & Consulting - Our R&D department and partner research institutes analyze the technical requirements of the project and develop appropriate R&D programs.

  3. Technical Research - We develop project implementation plans and collaborate with our partner research institutes to ensure the research goals are achieved.

  4. R&D Implementation - We provide technical resources to our partner research institutes to develop and transform the technology from the primary stage to a finished product.

  5. Test Handover - We prioritize quality in every phase of the product development cycle, ensuring rigorous testing procedures.

  6. After Delivery Service - We provide systematic analysis and tracking treatment to customer requests and requirements, enabling them to make flexible choices of technology and outsourcing cooperation modes.

  Our all-around services ensure our clients fully comprehend the results of their R&D outsourcing, making Data Indexing a reliable and trustworthy partner for comprehensive R&D outsourcing services.


R&D Outsourcing Service Features

  Data Indexing offers clients a range of advantages when it comes to R&D outsourcing, including:

  1. Cultural Understanding - Language barriers can be a significant obstacle to international cooperation, but our experienced staff in different countries can overcome this issue and ensure that customers' culture is incorporated into their products correctly. We investigate different research institutes, communicate with them, and finally make them an integral part of our R&D team.

  2. Effective Management System - Our project management system, Trac, tracks the implementation of the project and allows for different levels of information to be managed by customers, marketers, and R&D personnel. We use video conferencing as the basis for convenient and efficient communication throughout the R&D process.

  3. IPR Protection - Intellectual property rights are a sensitive part of technical outsourcing, but our strict IPR protection program guarantees customers' IPR is secure. We sign IPR agreements with customers and staff members, as well as confidentiality agreements with research institutes.

  4. Rich Experience - We have a long history of successful cooperation with large-scale corporations and research institutes, earning unanimous appreciation from our customers. Our experience includes multi-cooperative R&D, project management, and the industrialization of research achievements.

R&D Outsourcing Service Specialized Fields

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