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Memory assist device using Google Glass with latest face recognition


・ As the population ages, the number of people with amnesia is increasing
・ A common symptom of amnesia is that you can't remember the names and relationships from the faces of people you have met
・ The ordinary remedy is to take a picture or attach a notepad to help memorize

Appeal point
・Google Glass + Face & Object Recognition → Memory Aid → Supports Daily Life & Activities

Features of the latest face recognition module

Unique advantage
・We use algorithms such as RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) and CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) for live face detection and recognition. Therefore, the recognition accuracy and the robustness are extremely improved.

・This module can preserve the most important advantage of the AI based face recognition technology in the long run, because field learning with such a large amount of data is not yet possible for ordinary low-volume manufacturers.

One of the world's best face recognition modules.

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