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Amazon releases its own AI-powered image generator at AWS re:Invent 2023

Amazon is hosting its annual AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

November 30, 2023,during a keynote at its AWS re:Invent 2023 conference , Amazon debuted Titan Image Generator, which is now available in preview for AWS customers on Bedrock, Amazon’s AI development platform. A part of Amazon’s Titan family of generative AI models, Titan Image Generator can create new images (given a text description) or customize existing images.

Amazon is joining the AI image generation fray with the release of its Titan text-to-image AI model. Announced during the AWS re:Invent conference, Titan Image Generator can create “realistic, studio-quality images” and is supposed to have built-in guardrails against toxicity and bias. Titan isn’t a standalone app or website but a tool that developers can build on to make their own image generators powered by the model; to use it, developers will need access to Amazon Bedrock.

Amazon says that Titan Image Generator was trained on a “diverse set of datasets” across a “broad range of domains” and can be optionally fine-tuned on custom datasets, and includes built-in mitigations for toxicity and bias.

All images from Titan Image Generator will automatically include what Amazon said are invisible watermarks. Vasi Philomin, vice president for generative AI at AWS, said this is part of the voluntary commitments Amazon signed with the White House in July.

Amazon also announced the general availability of other Titan models: Titan Text Lite, a smaller model that is used for lighter text generation tasks like copywriting; and Text Express, which is for larger uses like conversational chat apps.

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