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AUSDOM All-in-One 2K Webcam

Founded in 2014, Shenzhen, China,AUSDOM is a brand specialized in audio and video conferencing scenario. By focusing on the research and development of video imaging and audio technologies through patented vision and sound sensors with Al algorithms, AUSDOM products have been used in different industries including live broadcasting, online education, and video conferencing.

AUSDOM releases an All-in-One 2K Webcam in Jun 2022.It is a resolution video webcam that declutters the workspace by merging a 2K QHD high resolution web camera with vivid color, HiFi speakers, and AI Noise Canceling microphone -- together into one high resolution video camera conferencing webcam, essential for work-at-home Zoom calls, on-the-go video while traveling, and video conferencing in the office.The priced is $69.9.

  • All-in-One : Declutter the workspace area by merging camera, speaker, microphone into one video conference camera.

  • 2K QHD Camera: High color reproduction of up to 2560×1440 pixels,smooth video quality without smaer, deliver more detail on the picture.

  • Hi-Fi Speakers: Made from a specialized silk membrane, the back also has an audio enhancement hole.

  • Amplify The Voice: The AI powered noise-canceling Mic capture and offset background and circuit noises while enhance vocals for clear and cheerful communication.

  • Privacy Protection: At the bottom of the camera, there is an orange pulley that slides to open the physical privacy cover to enhance security and privacy.

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