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Baidu Announces “AI Partner” and “AI BOT”

On May 25, at the 2023 Baidu Mobile Ecosystem Conference, Baidu unveiled beta features such as “AI Partner” and “AI BOT”, and showcased its beta product NEW APP. Baidu concurrently launched its new smart e-commerce brand “Baidu Preferred”, releasing a series of innovative technologies and intelligent merchant operation schemes including an AI shopping guide assistant, an e-commerce AI anchor production platform, and a merchant operation capability model.

According to reports, the “AI Partner” can achieve intelligent conversation and multi-round interaction, reducing user input expression thresholds and costs. In terms of breaking through information boundaries, AI BOT allows creators, merchants, institutions, brands, and other content and service providers to create virtual AI avatars.In the past year, Baidu APP’s monthly active users reached 657 million.

In addition to this, Baidu is launching the “Creator AI Assistant Group,” with over 450,000 creators having already benefited from the group. Offering features like AI Notes and AI Drawing, plans to support 100,000 creators with over 30 billion yuan in revenue, and the launching of the e-commerce brand “Baidu Preferred” with an AI shopping guide assistant and merchant growth system, Baidu is offering a range of new and innovative technologies to creators and ecosystem partners.

Finally, Baidu also upgraded Baidu Home to “Baidu AI Creation and Operation Platform” to help creators break through in multiple dimensions such as AI efficiency improvement, content distribution, diverse monetization, and influence building.

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