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China's first offshore smart oilfield project

China's largest offshore oil producer China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) on October 15 announced that it will onstream China's first offshore oil platform equipped with smart technology, potentially boosting operation efficiency by 30%. According to reports, the Qinhuangdao 32-6 Smart Oilfield, from a 20-year old oilfield, uses the integration of information technology and the core business of oil and gas production to bring about 30% increase in production efficiency, increase production, and reduce operation and maintenance costs by 5% to 10%, reduce labor by 20%.

The project uses cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 5G, Beidou and other information technologies to realize process reengineering and create a modern, digital, and intelligent new oil field in Bohai Bay. Through the Internet of Things technology, more than 400 smart cameras and more than 26,000 automatic data collection points are installed on two oilfield production platforms the size of a football field. The production data can be obtained in real time within 24 hours, and more than 100,000 pieces of data information can be collected per second. It will be 6TB of data generated every year. These real-time production data collections can realize intelligent management such as early warning diagnosis, active optimization and decision-making assistance.

The Qinhuangdao 32-6 intelligent oilfield management platform also realizes the intelligent management and remote control management of oil reservoirs, injection-production and equipment facilities, so as to realize the unmanned and less humanized offshore oilfields, the visualization of reservoir research, the coordination of production and operation, and the strategy. Make scientific decision-making, promote the transformation of survival mode and optimization of management process, and form a new type of offshore oil and gas exploration operation mode that is "intelligent, safe and efficient".

The China National Offshore Oil Corp also revealed that the Qinhuangdao 32-6 oilfield will start pilot projects in 2021. By 2025, it is expected to invest 2.4 billion yuan (about 38 million dollars) to initially complete the construction of a group-wide intelligent oilfield.

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