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FFalcon unveils AR Glasses “Leiniao Air 1S”

In October 2022, Shenzhen AR brand FFalcon introduced its new consumer-grade XR Smart Glasses, the Leiniao Air 1S. Equipped with polarized BirdBath optical solutions and Sony Micro OLED display technology, users can experience the equivalent of a large 140-inch HD screen from a distance of 4 meters.

The AR glasses are not only visually appealing, but also offer excellent overall fit and stylish design, and have been well received by users on Chinese e-commerce platforms. According to analytical data, FFalcon is ranked second in consumer AR glasses sales in China in the third quarter of 2022.

The second in a series of consumer AR glasses that FFalcon has already launched, the Leiniao Air 1S is a comprehensive enhancement of its visual, auditory, interaction, ID, and application lineup, priced at approximately $320.

The Leiniao Air 1S is described as featuring the BirdBath+MicroOLED technology solution and offering a huge 130-inch HD screen. The glasses can cover multiple scenes, including movie viewing, gaming, office, drones, and smart cockpits.

In terms of functionality, the Leiniao Air 1S can be connected directly to cell phones, tablets, and PCs that support DP output, and with an adapter, it can also be connected to iPhone, Switch, PS, and XBOX, which opens up application scenarios such as drones and intelligent cockpits.

On the audio side, the official Leiniao Air 1S features a 0.5mm stroke ultralinear unit with clear highs and solid bass for strong balance. For privacy when listening to audio, the Leiniao Air 1S is equipped with phase contrast technology, which cancels the positive and negative columns of sound waves on the outside of the glasses, allowing audio to travel only near the ear, designed for privacy and environmental interference in public spaces.

The cable of the Leiniao Air 1S is magnetically detachable and can be quickly attached by simply placing it close to the connector. The Leiniao Air 1S is also designed to enhance eyewear comfort by optimizing curves and distributing weight.

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