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iFLYTEK Announces iFLYBUDS Nano, a Headset that Does Meeting Minutes

On May 24, 2023, iFLYTEK officially released the iFLYBUDS Nano, a recording noise-canceling conference headset.

The iFLYBUDS Nano is a pair of conference headphones with recording transcription, intelligent transliteration, multi-person speech recognition, and voiceprint library, priced at about $180.

At the launch, iFLYTEK said iFLYBUDS Nano is an "AI assistant" with a new feature "VIAIM AI", an AI-generated meeting office efficiency tool, which is based on language text. It is based on language text, intelligent processing, editing and management, to meet the needs of daily meeting office. Currently, it can realize the functions of "Summary Extraction", "To-Do Extraction" and "To-Do Follow-up".

iFLYBUDS Nano supports 9 languages , English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Italian and 12 Chinese dialects, and supports the translation and transcription of industry terms in 10 major fields such as general, legal, education, finance, medical, technology, government, enterprise, e-commerce and life.

In addition, after completing the recording, whether it is a phone recording or a field recording, the AI can automatically distinguish the speaker based on the speaker's vocal quality, and automatically filter the redundant tone words in the meeting during the finishing process, and intelligently mark key paragraphs to help organize the information after the meeting. iFLYBUDS Nano supports three modes of transcription: call recording transcription, audio and video recording transcription, and field recording transcription. The transcription accuracy rate is over 98%.

For the recording files of call contents, iFLYBUDS Nano can be synchronized in the cloud, with the cell phone end, pad end and computer end.

The iFLYBUDS Nano can also achieve deep noise cancellation and 40 hours of ultra-long battery life, meeting the needs of mobile office users in travel scenarios.

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