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Insta 360 FLOW: Smart Shooting + AI tracking stabilizer

On March 29, Insta360 launched Insta360 Flow, a gimbal for smartphones.

The gimbal is Insta360's first smartphone gimbal with 3-axis image stabilization and is equipped with AI tracking technology that enables real-time tracking of the subject, rotation and automatic framing according to the subject's movements. The direct sales price regular version is about USD 220.

Insta360 Flow has a person re-recognition function, and will continue tracking even if the subject is out of the angle of view or the subject's shape changes during shooting. It also allows zoom tracking and slow-motion tracking, and those features can be used during live-streaming on another app, such as FaceTime, Instagram, or TikTok.

The Smart Wheel on the unit provides quick access to many functions, from shooting controls to video playback. By swiping the Smart Wheel, users can switch between four modes: auto, follow, pan/follow, and FPV. Auto mode automatically adjusts gimbal settings to ensure blur-free shots for beginners, while FPV mode lets you rotate the smartphone to simulate FPV drone-like movements, such as barrel rolls.

Use the included magnetic smartphone clamp to attach the smartphone. The company claims one-step attachment and removal. Compatible smartphones range from 64 to 84 mm in width, 6.9 to 10 mm in thickness, and 130 to 300 g in weight.

Insta360 Flow has a built-in 2900mAh battery, which, according to the official announcement, guarantees a long battery life of up to 12 hours, leaving approximately 20% of the battery for two consecutive days of shooting at least five hours a day, and can also be used as a rechargeable battery to recharge the smartphone in reverse.

The Insta360 app provides AI-powered shooting and editing tools. Using voice commands, the editing genie can suggest shooting techniques to suit the scene. Over 80 templates are available for everything from beach shoots to bustling city scenes.

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