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Intelligent agricultural robot

The agricultural robot company "Muqin Intelligence" started product research and development in 2017, and launched the first-generation agricultural robot CT200 in 2020 and went on sale. The recently released M200 product can carry 200L of liquid chemicals (including liquid pesticides and liquid fertilizers) for efficient spraying in orchards.

As agricultural drones are limited to small drug-carrying capacity and unsuitable spraying direction, agricultural unmanned vehicles are still needed to spray liquid from the ground, and orchards are such a scenario. According to the founder of "Muqin Intelligence", in a 200-acre grape orchard in Yunnan, the orchard owner needs to complete the planting work in 2 days, but after applying an agricultural unmanned vehicle, only two operators are needed to complete it, which can save 18 labor costs. This M200 agricultural unmanned vehicle can last up to 8 hours on a single charge and can meet up to 50 mu of operation.

How to achieve efficient spraying? "Muqin Intelligence" said that when they went deep into the orchard, they found that the orchard owner who sprayed pesticides would rather spray more than miss spraying, otherwise crops would likely suffer heavy losses due to local leakage. Therefore, Muqin M200 adopts a large-angle fan spraying scheme, and cooperates with the air supply system to ensure full coverage of spraying to the greatest extent. Secondly, the agricultural unmanned vehicle is equipped with sensors, which can transmit the data to the cloud in real time and provide it to the user. The user downloads the "Muqin Smart App" to control the operation status of the equipment and summarize the farmland data.

When communicating with farmers, users are very concerned about colliding and rubbing fruit trees during the operation, because any small wound may cause great harm to the fruit trees. Therefore, in the product design of agricultural unmanned vehicles, Muqin adopts a fully enclosed and closed design to hide the components, and uses HDPE material to ensure a smooth appearance. In order to ensure the heat dissipation effect while sealing against rain and water, Muqin designed a hidden arc-shaped air duct with a centrifugal fan with strong wind pressure.

This unmanned vehicle adopts a tank-type track design. Compared with the wheeled type, the crawler type design has better passability on the orchard ground, and has a stronger climbing ability to cope with sloping orchards.

Currently, Muqin products have been applied in apple orchards, vineyards, kiwifruit and pomegranate orchards, etc.

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