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Moziware CIMO head-mountedcomputer

On December 8, REALWEAR released the new brand moziware online and the world’s first lightweight foldable smart dual-camera voice-operated industrial AR headset computer cimo,and proposed the concept of the "Industrial Metaverse XR ecological plan”.

REALWEAE proposes that the Industrial Metaverse is an industrial ecology in which new information and communication technologies represented by XR and digital twins are deeply integrated with the real industrial economy. It uses XR, AI, IoT, cloud computing, blockchain, digital twins and other technologies to open up the seamless connection of people, machines, things, systems, etc., integrate digital technology with real industries, promote the efficient development of physical industries, and build coverage The new manufacturing and service system of the whole industry chain and the whole value chain is a brand new stage of the digital and intelligent development of industry and even the industry.

The CIMO design concept of this AR headset computer is not only to be used in energy, heavy machinery manufacturing and other fields, but also to expand its application scenarios to general industry, light industry, and service industries, helping more people break the boundaries of ability and become a “digitalization”. Employees", to promote the digital transformation of front-line employees.

CIMO is capable of different work scenarios because it is a product designed from the beginning to empower the actors, that is, front-line employees, and can be used for remote experts to guide field service, equipment inspection, assembly, maintenance and other work assistance.CIMO full voice control, free your hands, support the use of noisy industrial environment; It is only the size of a palm and weighs only 155g. It can be easily folded into a pocket and used as you go; intelligent dual camera, laser guidance easily Locate the work area for easy collaboration.

• CIMO has an intelligent dual camera, the front camera can transfer the first view of the user to the background in real time, the rear 16 megapixel main camera, industrial anti-shake, so that the picture more smooth.

• Equipped with an industrial-grade voice operating system that incorporates the latest development of local voice recognition algorithms and employs fingerprint recognition technology in AR terminals to safeguard enterprise data security.

• The CIMO is IP66 dustproof and waterproof and drop-proof technology, which can be easily used in harsh environments The official price of CIMO is about $2,000.

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