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Smart anti-snoring Pillow

Backrobo was founded in Shanghai, China in April 2019. The company mainly focuses on the two areas of sleep and office, and provides healthy smart products. Backrobo owns three major brands "Nitetronic", "Backrobo" and "Blupeace". Nitetronic is a brand of smart anti-snoring pillows. Backrobo focuses on the smart office environment, and its products are smart office chairs. Blupeace focuses on smart sleep, and its products are sleep aid mattresses.

"Nitetronic" is the first clinically tested smart anti-snoring pillow in the Chinese market, which can reduce snoring by more than 67%.

"Nitetronic" uses physical intervention to detect the real snoring sound from the inside of the pillow to the snoring sound recognition sensor, and then transmit it back to the airbag sensing area at the head position of the pillow, and then the airbag starts to gently guide the head sideways to widen the airway, and finally reach the snoring sound Attenuates and does not interfere with the purpose of sleep.

"Nitetronic" also has an APP software that can be connected to a mobile phone, which can intuitively see the snoring

frequency, and personalized adjustment settings.

"Nitetronic" sells for about $400.

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