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Wireless swimming pool cleaning robot

IN LINK is a company focusing on the research and development of the core technology of intelligent cleaning products, headquartered in Shenzhen, with offices and branches in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Berlin and Singapore.

IN LINK focuses on intelligent cleaning products such as intelligent swimming pool robots, lawn mowing robots, and industrial cleaning robots. It has a number of invention patents, utility model patents and global appearance patents. Its sales network covers the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries around the world and area.

AIPER swimming pool cleaning robot is the main product of IN LINK. The original design intention is: "AI" + "PER", the purpose is to let AI artificial intelligence technology and IOT Internet of Things technology, through the interaction of algorithms and APP, can realize automatic path planning and set key points Clean the area, make an appointment to clean. When working, the three-axis motor technology adopted by the robot cleans the bottom and side walls of the swimming pool through a roller brush and a filter system, and absorbs obvious impurities in water and floor drains, and the cleanliness is higher. In addition, the self-designed and developed battery pack management system can extend its service life, allowing the Aiper robot to achieve longer cleaning time under the same battery capacity.

Due to the limitation of wires, the clean environment is often messy, which brings an unpleasant experience to many people. Aiper developed the wireless function to protect more children, relieve the shackles of complicated and messy cables, and reduce weight.

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