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AgileX Robotics: trackedUnmanned ground vehicle

For outdoor mobile robot platforms, more complex road environments such as culverts, hillsides, and the wild are extremely challenging. This means that not only the robot is required to have a strong In the case of series performance such as, wading and climbing, it can ensure the precise control of the car body movement.

In order to meet the needs of customers to expand the application and development of the entire industry, AgileX Robotics released a new enhanced cross-country crawler mobile chassis development platform BUNKER Pro, which adopts a multi-suspension combination design and installs enhanced shock absorbers in the entire vehicle Combining the unique anti-collision structure design, it greatly reduces the impact of complex terrain, making it easily meet the requirements of heavy load, shock resistance, off-road The design of power supply interface, etc., makes the protection level of the whole vehicle reach IP67, which will bring new application scenarios and user experience to the robot.

It can be said that BUNKER Pro provides the high-precision drive-bywire mobile development platform in high-challenging environments such as the field, box culverts, and gravel roads, helping the robotics industry and scientific research customers to quickly deploy and develop special operating robots, such as inspections, exploration, EOD, special shooting, unmanned transportation and more.

Fully Upgraded System for Challenging Application Scenarios

BUNKER Pro has a high level ingress protection design for its overall structure, materials and external electrical components, together with an anti-collision steel exterior and load capacity of up to 120KG, it can be fitted with various inspection and mapping equipment.The powerful onboard battery supports up to 3 hours of continuous operation and can supply power to external devices to provide an extra insurance for the robot to carry out different tasks.

Advanced Suspension System Assures Steady Driving On Tough Terrains

The highly flexible BUNKER Pro has a very low center of gravity, where equipped with the 1500W dual-motor drive, demonstrates super-strong performance in obstacle crossing and climbing.Its highly reliable independent suspension system and capability of heavy duty and shock absorption, assures smooth drive on tough terrains.

Expandable Load to Support Rapid Secondary Development

BUNKER Pro can easily integrated third-party sensors,IMU and more in need to quickly build the robotic applications though the CAN protocol, as well as easy to access power from BUNKER Pro.Also, it provide rich open-source SDK and ROS PACKAGE.

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