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AISpeech: Releases the latest smart conferencing solution for remote conferencing

Founded in 2007, AISpeech is a conversational artificial intelligence platform company in China. It has a full-link intelligent voice and language technology, and independently develops a new generation of human-computer interaction platform and artificial intelligence chips.

Its comprehensive speech technologies include speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding, intelligent interactive decision-making, voiceprint recognition, emotion recognition, etc. Provide natural language interaction solutions for Internet of Vehicles, IoT and many industry scene partners.

On May 31, 2022, AISpeech released the latest intelligent conference solution, which includes enterprise-level conference microphone speakers and portable all-in-one intelligent voice professional equipment transcription all-in-one.

Conference Microphone Speakers: Creating an "Immersive" Meeting Experience

With the increase of remote online conferences, the microphones that come with the PC are often difficult to guarantee the quality of the call. Especially in the multi-person mixed conference scenario, everyone is scattered in the conference room. Due to the low sound, poor sound quality and no noise reduction function, It often makes it difficult for the other party to hear the voice of the speech in real time. In response to this experience pain point, AISpeech launched a smart noise-cancelling microphone speaker this time. Through hardware + algorithm, it can achieve effective noise reduction and pickup, suppressing 95% of background noise. At the same time, it is equipped with high-fidelity sound quality and echo cancellation technology to make remote calls clearer .

In large-scale hybrid remote conferences, ordinary microphone speakers can only be used alone, while AISpeech's intelligent noise-cancelling microphones can cascade up to 5 devices,

which can meet the needs of about 50 people for meetings, and can be matched with higher-level 4k ultra-high-definition The camera can ensure the clarity of the sound and image of the remote conference, so that the conference can run smoothly.

Transcription all-in-one machine: creating high-security and high-efficiency remote video conferences

Traditional meeting minutes are recorded manually, but AISpeech's transcribing all-in-one machine can work when it is turned on. It records the meeting content verbatim throughout the whole process, and the draft can be published after the meeting is over, which solves the problem that it was difficult for recorders to record completely and was time-consuming, labor-intensive and inefficient. .

It has the appearance design of a portable notebook, built-in i7 processor, 64GB memory, and integrates the real-time speech recognition engine, recording file recognition engine, and voiceprint recognition engine.

On the other hand, the design of the transcriber all-in-one machine also makes it easy to deal with business trips. Because of the 15.6-inch portable workstation design, it is also easy to carry during travel and official business, and can easily meet the needs of remote meeting records.

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