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Baidu DeepWay Smart Robot Truck

BEIJING, Sept. 17, 2021,DeepWay, a Baidu-backed company, unveiled Xingtu, a smart new energy heavy-duty truck with a computing power of more than 500 TOPS and ultra-long-distance sensing capabilities of more than 1 kilometer.

DeepWay is a technology company jointly established by Baidu and Lion Bridge, focusing on the development and manufacturing of smart new energy trucks. This is its first official appearance after its establishment at the Baidu Apollo Ecological Conference last year. At the press conference, DeepWay announced that it will quickly access the Lion Bridge trunk line logistics network, and through actual cargo operations, promote the commercialization of L4 autonomous driving technology in the freight scene, opening a new era of smart freight.

Powered by Baidu's globally recognized AI technology stack and the Baidu Apollo autonomous driving platform, Xingtu is a prime example of the next generation vehicles we will see in the smart driving era. The first generation of Xingtu is designed to enable L3 self-driving on high-speed freight routes and achieve L4 capabilities on these same routes between 2024 and 2026.

Xingtu's unique hydrogen-electric shared platform design is compatible with lithium battery packs and hydrogen fuel-powered battery drives. In the future, once the hydrogen fuel-powered battery technology route is mature, Xingtu's first generation can immediately be equipped with a more efficient hydrogen energy system.

It is also equipped with a new generation of smart living cabins, which has obvious space advantages. Separate design for driving, working and living spaces, intelligent voice interaction system, intelligent audio-visual entertainment system, touch-type central control large screen, comfortable seat and sleeper. Aiming at the pain points of long-distance transportation, DeepWay provides a high-speed battery replacement solution for Xingtu. During transportation, the self-driving truck can complete automatic power exchange at the exchange station on the expressway in just 6 minutes, greatly improving operational efficiency. The power storage scheme every 300 kilometers meets the regulatory requirements that freight drivers must stop and rest every 4 hours of driving, reduce traffic accidents caused by fatigue driving, and improve truck drivers' driving safety.

At the press conference, DeepWay showed the guests and the media a new model of high-speed trunk line smart logistics-H2H (HUB-to-HUB) model. In the HUB center, Starway completes the cargo transfer with the manually driven truck, and then enters the high speed to achieve adaptive cruise, energy-saving driving based on geographic information, obstacle avoidance, lane change, overtaking, driving in formation, switching gates, automatic ETC and other capabilities , Until it reaches the nearest HUB center at the destination, once again complete the cargo handover with the manually-driven truck, and finally the manually-driven truck will transport the goods to the destination.

DeepWay said that in June 2023, the first generation of Star Way will be put into commercial mass production. It is estimated that in the next five years, the first generation of Starway will operate more than 4.8 billion kilometers. The accumulation of data in these real scenarios will accelerate the implementation of L4 level autonomous driving in trunk logistics scenarios."

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