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Baidu Reveals Close-To-Production Concept car

On June 8, Chinese Internet giant Baidu (Baidu) unveiled the ROBO-01 concept car, an electric vehicle (EV) multi-purpose sports vehicle (SUV) equipped with self-driving technology that will be available for pre-order by the end of 2022. The company claims that it is 90% the same as the limited edition mass production model to be unveiled in the fall, and that the design embodies a fusion with robots.

In terms of body design, traditional door handles and other complex components are eliminated. The main and passenger drivers are equipped with butterfly-wing doors, and the rear row adopts side doors, and adopts the design of non-marking side windows. The interior design of ROBO-01 is inspired by the cockpit concept of a sci-fi spaceship. The cockpit is equipped with a 3D unbounded integrated car-machine AI giant screen. High-tech U-shaped steering wheel. Leading steer-by-wire technology supports telescopic stealth and variable steering ratio of the steering wheel in autonomous driving. The driver and passengers can control all functions of the vehicle through voice interaction.

In terms of intelligent driving capabilities, so far, ROBO-01 has applied Baidu's Apollo autonomous driving "unmanned" system, which will bring ordinary users a high-level autonomous driving experience in multiple scenarios. For example, when the intelligent driving mode is turned on, the two automatic driving systems of "vision + dual lidar" not only maintain independent operation, but also backup and cooperate with each other.

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