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Baidu vs Huawei Artificial Intelligence Technology Layout Comparisons

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

The core data of this article: Baidu and Huawei patent applications, patent market value, patent cooperation applications, key patent layout. Statistics deadline: July 15, 2021.

1. China's artificial intelligence competition landscape: Baidu and Huawei are China's leading companies.

According to the current ranking, Huawei ranks first and Baidu ranks second in China.

2. Baidu vs Huawei's artificial intelligence technology layout.

• Comparison of patent applications and PCT applications: Baidu is far ahead of Huawei

In terms of artificial intelligence patent applications, the total number of Baidu's patent applications is more than twice that of Huawei's, which are 2,546 and 922 respectively. However, Huawei's PCT patent applications are more than Baidu's, which are 311 and 5 respectively.

From a trend point of view, the number of patents of Baidu and Huawei in the field of artificial intelligence from 2010 to 2019 was catching up very fast. In 2020, Baidu's number of related patents in the field of artificial intelligence greatly exceed that of Huawei, reaching 1,564. Huawei has 354 patents.

Patent market value comparison: Huawei's patent market value is higher

The total value of Huawei's artificial intelligence patents is higher than that of Baidu. The total value of Huawei's artificial intelligence patents is US$30,639,200, which is US$4.7403 million higher than Baidu's. In terms of patent value distribution, the value of most of the artificial intelligence patents of the two is mainly concentrated within 30,000 US dollars.

• Comparison of the number of patent cooperation applications: Huawei has more cooperation applications

In terms of patent cooperation applications, Huawei has cooperated with others to apply for a large number of artificial intelligence patents. At present, the number of artificial intelligence patents that Huawei has cooperatively applied for is 32. Baidu and others have applied for artificial intelligence patents only 11.

• Regional comparison of patent applications: the United States is the main layout area for the two

At present, Huawei and Baidu's artificial intelligence patent application areas are mainly concentrated in China, and the number is 761 and 2,498 respectively. The United States is the second largest area of artificial intelligence patent applications for the two, and the number is 111 and 151 respectively.

• Comparison of patent types: the two are dominated by invention patents

The types of artificial intelligence patent applications of Huawei and Baidu are mainly invention patents. Huawei’s are invention patents in number of 905 items, accounting for 98.16%; Baidu’s are utility model patents in number of 2,439, accounting for 95.80%.

• Patented technology composition comparison: the first major subdivision of the two layouts is the same, but Huawei's focus is more obvious

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