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China's first all-electric shared electric vehicle charging robot system

In recent years, the number of new energy vehicles in Suzhou has exceeded 100,000. With the increase in the number of electric private vehicles, the demand for charging piles by individual residents is increasing. However, in the parking lot where the ownership of the parking space does not belong to the individual, the problem of difficult charging of electric vehicles still plagues many car owners.

In order to facilitate the charging of new energy vehicle owners nearby, China's first all-electric shared electric vehicle charging robot system developed by Suzhou Power Supply Company was put into operation on June 23, 2022.

This system is very convenient to use. In the shared charging service area, on the top of the garage, silver-white guide rails run through all the parking spaces. The owner who needs to charge only needs to scan the code with his mobile phone to issue a charging command, and the robot will grab an idle one. The charging pile is moved to the top of the electric vehicle, and the owner can charge the electric vehicle by removing the charging gun. After charging, the payment and settlement can be made through the mobile phone applet.

"With this system, I don't have to install a charging pile. I drive the car to the parking space, scan the code to call, and the charging pile will be delivered to the car. After plugging in the power, I can go upstairs and go home, very convenient and time saving." The feedback from new energy car owners who have experienced the system is very good.

In addition to bringing convenience to car owners, the system's "shared" charging mode also saves social resources. According to the calculation, under the same coverage area, the construction cost of this system can save about 20% compared with the "one parking space, one pile" mode, and the number of supporting charging piles can be increased or decreased according to the vehicle situation. The whole installation process is like building blocks, and the construction process is greatly simplified, basically avoiding repeated construction.

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