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China Unveil Six-Legged Skiing Robot

A six-legged skiing robot can be seen expertly slaloming down a snowy white slope in footage of tests undertaken in Shenyang, China this month.

This six-legged ski robot is designed and developed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.In this test, the ski robot glides at a speed of more than 10m/s on an intermediate snow track with a length of 400 meters and a slope of 18 degrees, and uses technologies such as intelligent perception and braking control to complete the robot's racing, turning, planning routes, and avoiding obstacles. As well as experimental subjects such as human-robot interaction, in addition to its flexible body and beautiful posture, it can be controlled by wireless remote human-computer interaction to walk through skiers in a real skiing environment, allowing everyone to experience the fun of skiing with robots.

The researchers claims that after the Winter Olympics, this robot can also combine the current advanced technologies such as 5G and wireless network, through remote control, to realize the competition of ski robots on the same field, create a new entertainment mode of electric-machine-competition, and create a new entertainment mode for ski enthusiasts and teenagers. A new fashion for entertainment with a sense of technology. In the future, robots will also become an important participant in ice and snow sports, and can further leverage their technological advantages to carry out patrols and rescues in high mountains and ice and snow environments, help people avoid risks, and create a more comfortable and safe ice and snow experience environment.


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