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Cloudpick :AI-Powered Autonomous Store

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Shanghai, Cloudpick is dedicated to providing AI technology-enabled smart store solutions to global bricks-and-mortar retailers. With computer vision, machine learning, and multi-sensor fusion technologies at its core, Cloudpick's independent intellectual property-based behavioral recognition and product learning algorithm engine accurately identifies product information and customer shopping behavior to create a new type of "take it and leave it, pay without feeling" smart Store shopping experience to customers around the world. It enables retailers with physical stores to transform their traditional stores into highly intelligent, digital cashier-less smart stores that reduce labor costs, improve shopping and payment efficiency, restructure people, goods, and disciplines in offline retail, and streamline retail operations.

Cloudpick's core technology builds the "brain" of retail with the "eyes" of a computer.

It fully digitizes the "people," "products," "sales floor," etc. in real stores, making decision-making smarter and store operations more efficient.

Cloudpick's smart store solution has been adopted by a variety of retail formats, including convenience stores, gift stores, pharmacies, etc. As of 2019, Cloudpick has landed over 70 unmanned convenience stores in China, and has expanded to the US, Canada, Japan, Korea, and The company has expanded to Singapore and other countries around the world.

NTT DATA Tokyo Smart Store

Pick & Go Singapore SUTD Store

Emart 24 Seoul Smart Store

Cloudpick Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

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