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Ctrip Releases Vertical Large-scale Model “Ctrip Wendao”

Ctrip has officially launched its vertical large-scale model product “Ctrip Wendao” on July 17, 2023.

Ctrip is a platform that offers users a full range of travel services, goods, and unique travel content. Through this site, customers may book any kind of trip, including activities, weekends, and so on.

During a press conference in Shanghai, Ctrip launched its vertical large-scale model product called “Ctrip Wendao.” This is the first model developed by Ctrip itself in the tourism industry, with billions of model parameters. The company aims to embrace the intelligent society and utilize AI to provide intelligent assistant services for travelers.

Ctrip Wendao has two main capabilities: it can provide services for querying and guiding bookings based on explicit needs, and it offers intelligent travel recommendation services for users with undecided needs. It can recommend travel destinations, hotels, attractions, itinerary planning options, and discounted booking choices.

To ensure accurate information, Ctrip has invested in building a “reliable answer database” for the tourism industry. They have also created the “Ctrip Reputation Ranking” for commonly recommended themes related to hotels, attractions, and itineraries. Additionally, they have introduced the “Ctrip Hot Ranking” and “Ctrip Specials Ranking” to help users avoid price peaks.

The Ctrip large-scale model is currently undergoing online internal testing and will soon be available to answer various travel-related questions from users. Ctrip’s investment in digital technology has allowed them to be the first in the travel industry to release a vertical large-scale model in China.

According to the information, Ctrip has invested approximately $6.4 billion in product research and development expenses from 2018 to 2022. The proportion of operating expenses dedicated to product research and development increased by 10% in 2020 compared to before the outbreak. Ctrip has transformed from a travel platform to a technology company, with a focus on driving business growth through technology.

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