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CZUR AI sitting posture-minder

In August 2021, CZUR, a technology company in Dalian, China, officially released a new product, AI sitting posture-minder.It is a product that incorporates visual AI technology. Compared with ordinary infrared or ultrasonic linear detection, it can improve the comprehensiveness and accuracy of false sitting detection. The basic and flagship models are released this time, priced at $40 and $55.

The problem of sitting posture has not received the attention that people deserve, and long-term bad sitting habits can easily cause a variety of health problems. In fact, sitting habit is a kind of "lower back muscle memory" formed through long-term posture maintenance.

When people concentrate on work and study, they tend to fall into a state of "unconscious poor posture", do not notice that their sitting posture has been abnormal, and maintain poor posture for a long time without knowing it. When people have poor sitting postures, if timely reminders are given to prompt people to actively adjust to the correct sitting posture, so that the lower back muscles can naturally and correctly exert force. After a long time of adjustment, muscle memory can be formed, and good sitting habits can be developed.

CZUR's AI sitting posture-minder is a small desktop device shaped like a speaker, with a front camera and a built-in AI chip. After powering on via USB-C, the product models the user and can recognize bad postures such as lowering the head, sinking back and sitting for a long time, and reminding them through voice and light. Connecting to the mobile app, users can also view the daily sitting posture report.

In order not to cause too much disturbance to the user's work or study concentration, AI sitting posture-minder is not a real-time reminder, but a timely reminder. In terms of algorithm design, AI sitting posture-minder summarizes common bad sitting postures into four categories: tilted head, bowed head, stretched forward (neck), and sunk (lower back). Each type of bad sitting posture is divided into three grades according to the serious procedure: mild, moderate, and severe. According to the four types and three levels, the combination corresponds to different tolerance time.

AI sitting posture-minder supports two modes: voice reminder and mute reminder. When the mute reminder, a star-shaped laser line (safety laser) is designed to flash and illuminate the desktop, which will not disturb colleagues at the next workstation.

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