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DJI Announces Air 3 Drone with Dual-Camera

July 25, 2023,DJI has announced a new model in its Air series of drones, the Air 3, which features two main cameras: a wide-angle camera and a medium telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom.It's priced from about $1,099.

The DJI Air 3 is the first model in the Air series to feature two main cameras. Both cameras use a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor. Since both cameras have the same sensor size, the same image quality can be obtained with either camera, and since they have different focal lengths, they can be used in a variety of compositions.

The two cameras complement each other, for more diverse aerial imaging possibilities. With the 24mm wide-angle camera, sweeping landscapes can be more fully captured. The 70mm 3x medium tele camera can create a powerful sense of spatial compression, with more distinct layers and a more unified background.

Both cameras support 48 MP photography, capturing details with the clarity you see and allowing for greater freedom of cropping in post-production.

The Air 3 can output 4K/60 fps HDR video directly without cropping. This allows video captured with either camera to express rich colors and natural gradations of light, capturing them in breathtakingly beautiful and realistic images.

The Air 3 has 48% more flight time than its predecessor. The new model can fly for up to 46 minutes. The new model allows the user to fly for up to 46 minutes, which is "enough time to find the best location for shooting and to adjust the composition of the image in one flight.

Furthermore, for the first time in the Air series, an omni-directional obstacle detection function has been added. The entire surrounding environment can be monitored, and the drone detects obstacles in all directions. Two fisheye lenses are mounted at the front and rear to support front/back, left/right, and upward detection. The bottom part is equipped with a binocular lens and a 3D ToF sensor. When an obstacle is detected, Air 3 actively and smoothly avoids or bypasses the obstacle. The active track function enables automatic flight with simple operation.

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