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DJI Announces T25 and T50 Agricultural drones

On November 23, 2022, DJI launched the T25 and T50 agricultural drones. The two agricultural drones to be released are fully upgraded with numerous features optimized for application scenarios such as field spraying, fertilizer application, and fruit tree spraying. They are priced at USD 6000 and USD 8300.

In 2012, DJI decided to extend its cutting-edge drone technology to the agricultural industry. And in 2015, DJI Agriculture was born.DJI will sell more than 200,000 DJI Agriculture drones worldwide by September 2022, with products sold to more than 100 countries and territories on six continents, and will be the world's leading supplier of drones for field crops such as corn, soybeans, rice, and wheat, as well as coffee, tea, citrus, and The company has announced that it will target major cash crops such as cotton and sugarcane.

In terms of performance, DJI's T50 drone features a coaxial twin-rotor design, a 54-inch paddle and high-power ESC, and is powerful enough to spread a 40-kg load. Meanwhile, its large 75-liter capacity can fill one bag of fertilizer at a time and spread 1.5 tons of fertilizer in one hour. Compared to its predecessor, the T50 has a 100% increase in spreading flow rate, with two nozzles providing up to 16 liters/minute and four nozzles providing up to 24 liters/minute, meeting the needs of high water volume operations in dry areas and fruit trees. The T50 also features dual radar and dual vision for flight safety and an all-frequency charging station with a 9-minute flash charge.

The T25 has a smaller body and weight, with a 20 kg spreading load and a 25 kg spreading load, but is otherwise identical to the T50.

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