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DJI Unveils New Drone Avata

On August 25, 2022, DJI officially released the new DJI Avata drone. Provides a control method and a flying perspective that are different from ordinary aerial photography drones, and can be controlled from a first-person perspective by wearing flying glasses. DJI Avata is priced at about $500,and the Pro-View Combo(DIJ Avata+DIJ goggles +DIJ Motion Controller)is about $1388.

DJI Avata is a small drone with its own blade protection cover, weighing about 410 grams and measuring 180 x 180 x 80 mm. Officially, the fuselage is sturdy and durable, it can still fly normally after a slight collision, and supports downward vision obstacles Object sensing, enabling it to move flexibly in various scenarios. Users can control the DJI Avata from a first-person perspective by wearing goggles, traversing the joystick, and using the somatosensory technology to control the flight direction and turn the wrist.

For shooting, DJI Avata is equipped with a 1/1.7-inch 48 megapixel f/2.8 sensor, supports shooting 4K/60fps video with 155° ultra-wide angle, as well as super stabilization and horizon stabilization, up to 10 km map transmission, up to 18 minutes hovering time, and 20GB on-board storage.

In terms of stability, it supports two types of stabilization: RockSteady and HorizonSteady, with RockSteady mode maximizing the elimination of image shake and HorizonSteady mode correcting the horizon direction to horizontal while shooting.

In terms of safety, DJI Avata is equipped with downward-looking binocular vision and ToF infrared sensing system, which can sense obstacles under the fuselage for safe low-altitude flight and indoor flight. In case of loss of control or low battery, the drone can be brought back through the auto-return function, and the aircraft can be hovered by pressing the emergency brake hover button in case of sudden emergency.

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