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Dobot Launches Nova Collaborative Robot for Retail Automation

On November 22, 2022, Dobot announced the Nova series of collaborative robots for retail customers, working on situations such as coffee, cocktails, ice cream, noodles, fried chicken, and even physical therapy.

DOBOT is a venture company founded in 2015 in Shenzhen, China, with the goal of continuously upgrading its industrial robotic arm solutions and developing extended applications. Since its inception, the technology group has been developing and manufacturing desktop general-purpose robotic arms, including Dobot 1.0 and the second generation DOBOT Magician.

The DOBOT Nova series now includes two products: Nova 2 for retail and Nova 5 for massage and physical therapy. Each has a payload of 2 kg and 5 kg, respectively, replacing human staff and reducing costs.

DOBOT Nova is suitable for use in collaborative work scenarios with people because the arm itself is extremely lightweight and compact, making it suitable for use in confined spaces such as restaurants and eateries, and it is equipped with a variety of modern safety features. It is compact and can fit into spaces as small as one square meter.

Recognizing that expert engineers are often not available in retail stores, the Nova Series is designed for ease of use. With drag-and-teach and graphical user screens, anyone can easily maneuver Nova without any coding knowledge; it takes only 10 minutes to set up Nova.

Safety is a top priority for robots used in retail because of their frequent contact with people, and the Nova series has multiple safety features to smartly sense human movement, stopping operation in 0.01 seconds if a collision is detected. In the event of a power failure, Nova automatically stops in its position to ensure safety.

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