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Ecovacs Releases Cleaning Robot Equipped with AI Chip and Voice Assistant

In April 2022, Ecovacs, a well-known cleaning robot manufacturing company in China, released Airbot Z1, a multi-functional air purification robot, and the price is about USD 1100.

Airbot Z1has built-in multi-dimensional sensors which can operate in a variety of spaces, air quality and working situations. The new device has four featured functions: air purification, UV sterilization, fragrancing and humidification.

Ecovacs also released its own Yiko Intelligent Voice Assistant. Users are now able to interact much more naturally with the robot and control its functions through voice commands. All Ecovacs products with Yiko can not only understand users’ meanings, but also carry out users’ instructions.From the remote control or APP control method, Airbot Z1 has been upgraded to a new interaction method - voice control.

Airbot Z1 is equipped with the Horizon Rising Sun 3 AI chip with automatic driving level computing power, and has a 960p camera. Through the fusion of visual + depth information detection, the ability to avoid obstacles has been further improved. Automatically go to the location that needs the essence. Due to its taller body and wider range of distance perception, Airbot Z1 can easily identify and avoid even relatively small objects such as shoes and charging docks through 3D technology.

Because it is equipped with a camera, the Airbot Z1 also provides a video housekeeper function. After entering the video housekeeper on the APP, you can clearly see the location of the Airbot Z1, and you can even make voice calls with your family through it.

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