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Elephant Robotics launched the most compact six-axis Robotic Arm

Elephant Robotics is a global high-tech company founded in Shenzhen, China in 2016 with a focus on robot R&D and production, platform software development and intelligent manufacturing services. The product is widely used not only in industrial production and scientific research, but also in education and home.

On May 31, Elephant Robot officially released the smallest six-axis robotic arm "mechArm" in history. It is used for young people to learn AI programming.The price is $799.

In terms of appearance, the all-in-one fully-wrapped six-axis design is adopted, which not only greatly improves the appearance of the product, but also greatly reduces the risk of foreign objects intruding and pinching the human body during the operation of the robotic arm, improving both quality and safety. At the same time, the overall structure of mechArm is compact, the net weight is only 1000g, and it also has anti-collision function to ensure the safety of students during the learning process.

In terms of courses, "mechArm" is compatible with API software, from introductory drag teaching graphical programming to industrial practical operation platform, all in one machine to play, learn and use. It can run from ROS/Moveit, Python, C++ to Roboflow, a professional robot control platform.

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