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In every gym, in front of the mirror is always an area where people stay for a long time. Whether it is to judge whether their actions are in place, or to better appreciate the beautiful body from their training, the mirror can indeed greatly enhance the fitness experience. With the concept of "move the mirror and the coach to the home at the same time", Fiture is based on the "hardware + content + service + AI" model, it launched a smart fitness mirror with a price of about 1,300 USD in October 2020. FITURE announced a cooperation with Beijing International Trade Hotel, a subsidiary of Shangri-La Group, and its smart workout mirror products will be placed in the hotel gym, suite and top lounge in August 2021.

The Fiture team developed the "Fiture Motion Engine" intelligent motion tracking system, which is the core of this fitness mirror. Its design is inspired by the trajectory prediction model of autonomous driving and drones. It is a human body detection model suitable for various extreme scenarios, a high-precision gesture recognition model, and an action recognition engine that abstracts continuous gestures. Use high-precision AI sensors to easily recognize postures and movements during exercise, and realize real-time timing and counting.

First of all, in appearance, the product thickness is only 40mm, and the integrated body is light and can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor without folding and storing. Left and right channel dual speakers, single maximum power 15W, 43-inch 4K high-definition screen, delicate colors, and provide 60-frame high-definition video courses.

Secondly, FITURE believes that the mirror is only the carrier, and the content is the core. In addition to recording and live broadcasting, the courses include AI interactive courses, gamification courses, and training camp courses. At the same time, special age groups are also taken care of, such as courses for teenagers and seniors.

About Fiture

Fiture was founded in March 2019. In August of the same year, it received $6 million in angel round financing from Sequoia Capital; in September 2020, Fiture received another $65 million in Series A financing from Tencent and Sequoia Capital; in December 2020, the company announced the completion of more than In the A+ round of financing of 20 million US dollars, and the B round of financing obtained in April 2021, Fiture has raised nearly 400 million US dollars in three years.

Actually, the workout mirror is not an original product of Fiture. Its predecessor is Mirror of the United States. The company has been established in 2016 and has received a total of 74.8 million US dollars in financing during 4 years. It was finally acquired by lululemon for 500 million US dollars in 2020. Fiture and Mirror are highly similar in terms of industrial design, course content, brand tonality, pricing, etc. The only difference is that Fiture integrates a depth camera for visual AI motion recognition, while Mirror currently does not involve the AI field.

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