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Guangli Technology Launches “Holoswim2” Underwater AR Goggles

Guangli Technology, a developer of consumer AR devices, is a Chinese startup company founded in 2017. The company aims to apply AR technology to a variety of devices by developing its own technologies for optical waveguides (optical waveguides), optical displays, and optical materials, thereby making the metaverse a reality instead of a concept. The company has released products such as AR smart glasses and heads-up displays (HUDs) that incorporate hologram technology.

For indoor fitness, treadmills and aerobikes provide real-time exercise data such as running speed, distance, and heart rate on the display. The "Holoswim" series makes this possible for swimming.

The "Holoswim2" is an AR goggle designed for swimmers that detects real-time exercise data while the user is swimming and displays it on one lens. Users can check data such as time, distance, and pace swum while swimming and adjust their own exercise status in a timely manner. The dedicated "Holoswim APP" application records and analyzes these data and compiles them into data such as time per 100m, stroke speed, calories consumed, and distance swum.

The "Holoswim2" is made of plastic, making it safer than traditional glass. The appearance of the first product, “Holoswim1”, did not take into account external factors such as water resistance, but after many improvements, "Holoswim2" has solved many problems. The weight has been reduced to 70 grams, and the silicone frame fits more comfortably on the face.

"Holoswim2" will be sold price of approximately $150.

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