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High-tech assisting Beijing National Speed Skating Oval

The National Speed Skating Oval (The Ice Ribbon) is a speed skating arena which is the only new venue planned to be built on Beijing's Olympic Green for the Winter Olympics.

It is the largest speed skating venue in Asia. The facade is highlighted by 22 "ice ribbon" with a length of 622 meters each. The "ice ribbon" is made of BIPV photovoltaic power glass from Zhongshan Ruike New Energy Co. This power glass is specially designed for the appearance requirements of the speed skating hall, combined with the metal color coating process, and a high-strength laminated structure to perfectly integrate into the building. Not only can it decorate the facade of the building like ordinary architectural glass, but it can also continuously generate electricity to provide long-lasting electricity for the building.

The "Ice Ribbon" is the world's first Winter Olympic venue using carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling ice-making technology, which is currently the most environmentally friendly ice-making technology, with near-zero carbon emissions and improved efficiency.

Another highlight of the Beijing National Speed Skating Oval is the availability of an AR system in the public areas of the venue, which will provide indoor navigation services for spectators and stakeholders during the Winter Olympics events.

This navigation system uses AI technology to collect, while the uncommon use of technologies such as wireless networks and Bluetooth base stations. After entering the venue, you only need to connect to the AR indoor positioning system through the network and turn on the camera. The system can automatically compare the location information based on AI visual recognition algorithm of artificial intelligence to achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy.


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