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iFLYTEK Smart Projector

On September 27, 2021, at the "AI Conference New World" conference, iFLYTEK officially launched three projector-related products. These three products are mainly aimed at meeting scenes, combined with iFLYTEK’s transcription and translation services to provide convenience for business people.

The products are: AI projector AP10, AI wireless projector AP10W and AI microphone projector. Among these new products, only AP10 is a real projection product, and the other two are conference accessories with projection function.

AI Projector AP10 is a projection product used in meeting rooms. It can project a 150-inch screen with a 1080P resolution and also supports auto focus and keystone correction. This product uses LED light source, the service life is as long as 10 years, the equipment noise is as low as 30 decibels, and it has an eye protection function.AP10 is also equipped with omnidirectional 8 microphones and 10 watt stereo speakers, which can achieve 10 meters of sound reception and playback.

With the above conventional functions, the highlight of this product is that it adopts intelligent noise reduction algorithms and intelligent speech recognition technology, supports recording of content during the meeting, and automatically converts the role into text records to quickly form meeting minutes. The results of the conference transcription are immediately visible. The accuracy rate of Chinese transcription is as high as 98%, and the transcription in 8 foreign languages and 12 Chinese dialects is also supported. The transcribed content supports intelligent editing, which can effectively filter modal particles, and automatically realize the text sorting functions such as word correction and intelligent segmentation.After the meeting, users can take away the graphic meeting minutes by to scanning the code, which is equivalent to adding an artificial intelligence shorthand to the meeting.

The second AI wireless projector AP10W is prepared for mobile office. It has a built-in 20,000 mAh battery and has a battery life of 4 hours to help users start meetings anytime, anywhere. This product is small in size, easy to carry, supports wireless projection, can project a 100-inch 1080P screen, also supports autofocus and keystone correction, built-in 32GB storage, and supports voice control.

IFLYTEK also designed a 6-inch screen for this product for easy interchangeability. In terms of AI, it has the same AI function as AP10.

The final product is the AI microphone projector MC10. This product can be plug and play without a driver. It can be used when plugged into a PC. It is equipped with 6 microphones, 3 watts of speakers, and also supports 10 meters of radio and playback. It can be used with a receiver. Perform wireless projection.

Regarding the price, the price of AI projector AP10 is about US$2500, the price of AI wireless projector AP10W is about US$950, and the AI microphone projector is about US$300.

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