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Kandao Tech Announces Kandao QooCam 3

January 06, 2023, Kandao Tech announces the launch of the QooCam 3, the 11K 62MP 360 waterproof action camera at CES 2023 in Las Vegas .

Kandao Tech is a VR research and hardware startup focused on creating next-generation imaging products. Driven by the development of hardware and software, Kandao is a pioneer in VR technology, Ultra-HD video cameras, and video conferencing cameras. Founded in 2016, it is the first Chinese company honored by the CES Best of Innovation award in the digital imaging category, and the first company to have its 12K 3D VR camera used to live-stream in 8K VR.

QooCam 3 is the newest 360 camera in Kandao's consumer products line, enabling adventurists to capture 360 videos in ultra-high definition 5.7K resolution at 25/30 FPS or 4K at 30/50/60 FPS. Capture photos in 11K resolution.

The most unique feature of this camera is that it has two 1/1.55-inch large-size sensors. This means that the sensors have better low-light performance. When this powerful image sensor is paired with QooCam 3's aperture of F1.6, which is larger than ever to gather more light and make the image brighter, sharper, and able to produce more detail. Even combining shooting with the algorithm, it breaks the hardware limitation and to achieve stunning photography.

This new action camera is waterproof up to 33 feet underwater, a great panoramic camera for use in the water, or on the water. It is also equipped with 4 built-in mics for surround sound capture and a speaker for instant audio playback.

Connect the camera to the QooCam App on your Android or iOS phone to remote control the device, stabilize images and videos, or edit quickly to share on social media. Users can also live stream through the App to share with their fans.

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