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Lenovo unveiled Morningstar G2 AR glasses

Jun 28, 2023,Lenovo has unveiled its latest lightweight AR glasses, the Morningstar G2 on MWC Shanghai 2023.

The glass features a binocular 1080p stereoscopic display light engine with a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits.

The Lenovo G2 light comes with a built-in 9-axis sensor fusion algorithm and a 50% transmittance of the light machine. This guarantees that the user can see the display while also viewing the environment. The G2 light uses device-side IMU data to ensure picture stability and comfortable usage of the glasses. The device also combines with cloud AI anti-shake algorithm which translates to low power consumption, low latency, and large-angle rotation first-view video.

The Lenovo G2 light accommodates multiple interaction methods including gaze, touch screen, gestures, buttons, and more. The G2 light supports connectivity to Android phones, iPhones, and Screencast. The Morningstar G2 light can be used for industrial applications including visual management, digital or manual maintenance guide, remote collaboration, and inspection/ workflow activities. The portability and AI recognition capability of the AR glasses also lend the gadget for use for museum tours, security, education, and other areas. It supports scene-based AI detection and recognition algorithms.

Lenovo has yet to release pricing and availability details for the Morningstar G2 AR glasses.

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