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LimX Dynamics Releases "W1" Four-Wheeled Leg Robot

On September 25, 2023, LimX Dynamics officially unveiled its W1 four-legged robot, which is primarily used in industrial inspection, logistics and distribution, and special work scenarios.

LimX Dynamics is a robotics company founded in Shenzhen, China, that focuses on the development and manufacturing of motion intelligence and legged robots, including humanoid biped and quadruped robots, and related solutions for industrial inspection, logistics and distribution, special work, and home services.

According to LimX Dynamics, a four-legged robot needs nearly all the capabilities of a quadruped robot, but the mix of wheels and feet doubles the challenges of sensory interference, state estimation, and motion control. LimX Dynamics therefore chose to combine perceptual capabilities with motor control by leveraging its academic and R&D experience in the areas of terrain awareness, reinforcement learning, multi-rigid body dynamics, hybrid dynamics, and model predictive control.

According to LimX Dynamics, W1 combines a leg and wheel structure with in-house developed high performance joints, real-time terrain sensing and all-terrain mobility, superior to simple foot-walking robots in terms of efficiency, and richer and more complex in terms of application scenarios.

Specifically, W1 has successfully validated its capabilities in the following application scenarios

Stair climbing: Stable stair climbing by wheeled feet with motion control by fusion sensing.

Slope ascent and descent: The vehicle body, slope surface, and ground are kept level and can be switched flexibly according to demand.

Steps: Flexible and free motion-switching gait, making it easy to cope with various discrete terrains.

Vertical traversing: Flexible and freely adjustable height of the vehicle body when moving at high speeds to meet the needs of a variety of operating environments.

Grass and stone paths: When traversing bumpy paths, the multi-joints of the legs react quickly and synergistically to reduce body posture fluctuations.

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