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MARAUTEC: Using visual artificial intelligence technology to create a "sailing eye" for ships

Founded in 2018, MARAUTEC focuses on AI visual perception technology and provides visual intelligent driving solutions for ships. In the field of intelligent ships, MARUTEC has developed products such as visual berthing safety assistance system, navigation safety assistance system, two-cabin monitoring system, driving console vision enhancement system, abnormal target monitoring and ship-shore communication. Relying on this product, the system can provide 360° situational intelligence perception around the ship, and send out danger signal warning to the crew, providing support for ships sailing in complex environments and narrow waterways.

From the technical point of view, there are four major challenges in moving vision technology from the vehicle end to the ship end: large amount of data, low communication bandwidth, high communication cost, and harsh marine environment. According to the international rules for preventing collisions at sea, large ships need to pay attention within 6 nautical miles, and the distance between the ships is about 11 kilometers. The typical communication bandwidth at sea is only 1M/s, which is only one thousandth of that on land. At the same time, the cost of maritime communication satellites and low-orbit satellites is high, and the price of data transmission at sea is also hundreds of times higher. Therefore, cloud-based solutions are difficult to achieve. In addition, electronic devices are easy to corrode, and it is necessary to solve the problem of high humidity and high salt.

In order to solve these problems, MARAUTEC's visual perception (AI) solution adopts distributed edge computing, using artificial intelligence image processing and visual perception technology, multi-source perception data fusion technology and ship-shore communication technology.

At present, MARAUTEC's product "Marau Navigation Eye" has been commercialized on different types of ships such as container ships, multi-purpose ships, oil tankers, bulk carriers, special ships, passenger ships, and river ships. As a smart ship solution provider , to solve the operation and safety requirements of shipping companies, and can flexibly carry sensors, AI chips and software for different ship types. The traditional ship equipment data such as ship-side electronic chart, AIS, navigation radar and GPS are connected to the AI ​​chip, and through algorithm processing, the visualization function of the whole process from navigation, berthing and berthing to ship-shore communication is realized.

In March 2022, on China's first 210,000-ton digital large-scale bulk carrier "Shandong New Era", MARAUTEC's 3D image intelligent auxiliary berthing function was loaded and used. Distortion correction and video stitching of the images captured by the camera in the berthing perception module, reconstruction of the real-time 3D scene around the ship using visual reconstruction technology, visual display from any viewpoint, berthing and departure display speed, and voice prompts and warnings, etc.

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