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Meitu Image Festival released 7 AI image productivity tools

On June 19 2023,Meitu held the second video festival with the theme of "Image Productivity Tools in the AI Era" and released 7 new products on the spot: AI visual creation tool WHEE,AI oral video tool shooting,desktop AI video editing tool WinkStudio, focusing on AI business settings Meitu Design Studio 2.0,AI digital human generation tool DreamAvatar,Meitu AI assistant RoboNeo,Meitu visual model MiracleVision.

Founded in October 2008, Meitu is a leading image processing and social networking platform in China driven by artificial intelligence.With the help of easy-to-use virtual apps such as Meitu Xiuxiu and Meiyan camera, among others. Meitu’s image and community application matrix had been activated on more than 1.88 billion individual devices worldwide, with more than 282 million monthly active users in China and more than 724 million overseas users.

Wu Xinhong, founder, chairman and CEO of Meitu, said: "In the past, Meitu mainly served life scenes, such as shooting, retouching, video repair, and social sharing. In the AI era, in addition to life scenes, Meitu will provide more productivity scene services.

After the release of 7 products of the second Meitu Image Festival, Meitu officially formed an AI product ecology built by the bottom layer, the middle layer and the application layer.

Application layer, Meitu innovates in the four fields of AI pictures, AI video, AI design and AI digital people through WHE, Beauty Camera, Meitu Yunxiu, Wink, WinkStudio, Start Shooting, Meitu Design Studio 2.0, DreamAvatar Digital Man and other products and services. So, and AI image service aggregation provided by Meitu Xiuxiu.

The middle layer is composed of Meitu AI open platform, Meitu creative platform and Meitu AI assistant RoboNeo. It is responsible for opening and sharing AI technology, building creator ecology, and aggregating Meitu image services respectively.

The bottom layer is the MiracleVision visual model, which provides AI model capabilities for the whole series of Meitu products.

In addition, at the scene of the video festival, the Meitu design studio team announced that it will create the "AI model fitting" function with Huawei Yunlianchuang to help the clothing e-commerce industry reduce costs and increase efficiency, and will jointly create the "AI Fashion Shoes Challenge" activity with FILA to promote the AI design of fashion sports brands and sneakers enthusiasts.

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