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Midea launched household robot XIAOWEI

Midea Group, a leading maker of home appliances in China, unveiled its first version of a home service robot XIAOWEI ,a robot with intelligent technology that can act as an AI Butler, Family Assistant, Safety Guard and Tech Playmate. The household robot XIAOWEI was launched in 28 December,2022, and it’s price is about $ 4800.

The Midea household robot XIAOWEI stands around one meter tall, resembling a childlike effigy with some cute facial features.

XIAOWEI is able to access smart home appliances and IoT devices.For example, when XIAOWEI detects a family member is coming home, it can turn on the lights and air conditioner in advance to set a comfortable temperature and humidity for their arrival.

XIAOWEI is able to identify family members through the use of face and body tracking technology, making the versatile robot a reliable AI housekeeper that can also deliver effective all-around security. you can direct the robot to visit every corner of the house to keep an eye on happenings and to help deliver household items, remote monitoring and safety patrol.

XIAOWEI is also an excellent playmate.Utilizing its built-in projector and other advanced technologies it's able to create a mobile theater, entertainment center, and interactive play area at home to keep the entire family amused.

XIAOWEI robot is able to scan the home in all directions through its built-in 3D camera, perform autonomous exploration and mapping, identify object attributes, and compile semantic information through its 3D Semantic mapping. For example, through this technology, the robot XIAOWEI knows which is the sofa and where the sofa is, and then you tell him "go to the sofa", and XIAOWEI will go to the sofa by himself using its navigation functions by responding to a voice command.

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