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NaaS Technology Launches an autonomous electric vehicle charging robot

On April 1, 2023, NaaS Technology launched an autonomous electric vehicle (EV) charging robot that can locate a user's EV, intelligently charge it, and automatically process payment. According to NaaS Technology, this autonomous EV charging robot is waterproof and shockproof, and has the ability to learn, utilize 5G and V2X communication technologies, and synchronize its location and mapping capabilities.

The company claims that this robot can complete the charging and payment process in a single transaction, and that EV owners need only click a button to reserve the charging robot, which will then set out to locate their vehicle. It can precisely park itself, use a mechanical arm to connect to the EV's charging port, charge the vehicle, and then depart. It can then move on to another EV or return to its own charging dock to recharge.

NaaS Technology offers various charging power and battery capacity configurations, and can connect with major OEMs through an open API. The EV charging robot is currently able to connect with EV systems through its underlying API interface. If an EV's battery is low, the robot will initiate an automatic vehicle search and go in search of the car to charge it.

NaaS Technology is the first Chinese EV charging service provider to be listed on the NASDAQ (NAAS), and as of the end of December 2022, had connected over 515,000 EV charging stations.

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