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Oppo Air Glass 2: Lightweight and Durable Smart Glasses with Enhanced Features

Dec 14, 2022,Oppo has unveiled the Oppo Air Glass 2 at its annual technology event, Oppo Inno Day 2022. The Air Glass 2 is a lightweight and durable augmented reality (AR) product, weighing approximately 38 grams. The glasses support image correction and personalisation features, and are almost indistinguishable from regular glasses.

The Oppo Air Glass 2 allows users to make phone calls and perform real-time translations, and can also be used with location-based navigation services. It can also be used by those with hearing impairments to convert sounds into text.

Oppo Air Glass 2 follows the launch of the Oppo Air Glass in December last year. The first generation of the Air Glass adopted a monocular split solution, with a customisable frame that can be adapted to various optical lenses. The main body weighs less than 30 grams and the lens thickness is only 1.3 mm.

The lens uses thin and light diffractive waveguide technology, achieving an average eye-catching brightness of 1,400 nits. It also uses a silicon-based Micro LED display with a single pixel of only 4 microns, with a maximum brightness of 3 million nits.

The Air Glass is equipped with the Snapdragon 4100 wearable device platform, and with the portable charging base, the battery life can reach 10.5 hours. In terms of specific functions, the Air Glass supports weather reminders, schedule reminders, speech inscriptions, real-time translation, and walking and cycling navigation.

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