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OPPO Air Glass2, Zero-power tag at MWC 2023

March 4,2023,OPPO has revealed the Air Glass 2 and Zero-Power Tag prototype at MWC 2023.

The latest Assisted Reality glasses only weigh around 38g. Air Glass 2 features a super-lightweight, robust design that includes the SRG-diffractive waveguide lens, developed by OPPO. The lenses will support vision correction as well as various further customization. They’ll be able to make phone calls, conduct real-time translation, provide location-based navigation, and cover voices into text for people with hearing impairments.

OPPO Zero-Power Tag is OPPO’s first prototype based on zero-power wireless communication technology, designed to drive the growth of ambient power-enabled loT to make lives more convenient.OPPO Zero-Power Tag communicates directly with mobile phones, allowing consumers and businesses to connect, track, and get more information about the things that matter to them. Tags can be used to identify different items, pinpoint their location, or transmit useful environmental information, including temperature.

OPPO has also suggested that the gadget could be used to track the migration of endangered birds. The company hopes that its new technology will help reduce the number of batteries that end up in landfills each year. In its current form, the tag is slim and rectangular with a plastic casing in black or white. OPPO has suggested that it may eventually become a sticker to make it easy to attach to the things you wish to track. It is unclear when the OPPO Zero-Power Tag will go on sale or how much it will cost.

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