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Oppo launches OHealth H1 health monitor

Dec 14, 2022,Oppo also lunched the OHealth H1 Smart Health Monitor on its annual technology event, Oppo Inno Day 2022.

The OHealth H1 Smart health monitor is a gadget which can track six vital signs. For example, a built-in thermometer can take your temperature, and an ECG can collect data about your heart. The gadget also has a digital stethoscope and can use AI to diagnose medical problems.

OPPO elaborated that through high-precision sensors and industry-leading health algorithms, the OHealth H1 Smart health monitor will help users collect accurate health data and take better care of the health of the entire family. Moreover, unlike the industrial designs of traditional medical equipment, the OHealth H1 Smart health monitor is a super-light device that weighs just 95g and features aesthetic rounded edges and a concentric oval design.

But this is only a product showcase and not a launching event, so details of its release and availability were not disclosed. The concept has two buttons, and vital signs data is displayed on the front of the device. Oppo suggests that you can use built-in AI to help diagnose illnesses and provide treatment suggestions, linking up with virtual assistance from medical professionals. The gadget would sync with the OHealth app, where you could organize your remote consultation and store data for various household members. Data recorded using the OHealth H1 Smart health monitor could also be securely transmitted to a doctor in real time.

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